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Friday, September 29, 2006

camilla engman print

and saving the best for last ... i just adore this print. adore! entitled listen, this signed camilla engman print is $30 and is sized at 8.3 x 11.7". click on "shop" from camilla's homepage right here to check it out. delightful!

au revoir friends ... back to my little blog and the quiet life ... thanks for reading! oh and if you want to let me know what you loved this week or even what you snatched up ... email me at port2portpress@gmail.com. cheers! mav

aesthetic apparatus

rock posters, rock posters, rock posters! you should most definitely have liked one of the artists i have featured in this department, right? well here is one more to chew on! aesthetic apparatus offers some great posters, art prints and test prints all in their shop right here. enjoy!

the heads of state

the heads of state, out of seattle, is yet another great design house offering silkscreened posters at lovely prices. they have an online shop where you can purchase and browse ... enjoy it all right here.


reader may reminded me of the ISO50 shop so i wanted to give a shout out here to the prints. i particularly like 1971 {12 x 18", signed, $14.99} and avian {12 x 18", signed, $14.99} as featured in this post. ISO50 houses the work of scott hansen out of california and you can check out all of the prints he offers by clicking right here.

many muses

linda plaisted has some of her mixed media work in her etsy boutique called many muses. i was particularly drawn to her horizon print {8 x 10", $30} as shown in this post. take a look at her entire collection here.

ink and wit

tara hogan offers this apple print, and a few other photos, as well as some other goodies, in her etsy boutique ink and wit. i like the simplicity and soft light in this one. enjoy her full shop selection here.

highrise photograph

brandi has some nice photographs in her etsy shop. this one, entitled highrise, caught my eye. her pricing is $10 for a 5 x 7" and $20 for an 8 x 10". check out her entire shop right here.

my top five; sept 25-29

like last friday i wanted to start today's posts with my friday flickr favorites.

today is my last day posting on the d*s guestblog ... it has been lots of fun! many thanks to grace for allowing me to crash on her blog for 2 weeks and thanks to you for checking out the art. today i'll post a few quick photo links & a few art links and then be off!
cheers all, mav

my friday flickr favorites:
~ beer and water
~ untitled
~ hiking {shown in this post; by maditi from germany}
~ i love film
~ plants in window

Thursday, September 28, 2006

standard motion

standard motion, out of brooklyn, has some cool art for sale on their website if you click on "shop". they sell their limited edition prints for $20 + shipping. these prints are 12 x 18" and each is signed & numbered. featured in this post is the falling in fishkill print. check them all out by clicking on "shop" right here.

the new year

the new year, run by artist & designer sasha barr, has some fantastic posters in the shop. it looks like some have a "buy now" button and others don't so i bet the best thing to do if you fall in love with something would be to just email sasha and ask. enjoy taking a look at her entire body of work by clicking on "design" from her home page right here.

yee-haw industries

more letterpress ... yee-haw! {i couldn't resist.} yee-haw industries, out of knoxville, tennessee works their antique typography and unique style into some really nice posters and fine art prints. the sizes and prices vary but they are quite affordable. i encourage you to bring a bit of that old-time-feel into your home with one of their wonderful works. check them all out online right here.

bella muse

bella muse offers some sweet giclee prints on their site for prices varying from $35 {5 x 7" image} to $165 {13 x 22" image}. they have quite a few to chose from and offer the prints matted as well. featured here are the spring print and the for my next trick print. take a look at all of their giclee prints right here.

don't miss! ... lisa congdon shop

today the lisa congdon shop opens with lots of original artwork at varying prices ... go now and check it out. wonderful stuff!!!

cindy jaswal print

i have one of cindy jaswal's original pieces and it is just wonderful. she just updated her shop with a new giclee print, shown above, entitled fox sparrow which she has done in a signed & numbered edition of 20. take a closer look at this charming print right here.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

little paper planes

little paper planes, run by the very talented kelly lynn jones, offers some really wonderful art in their online shop. there is a very eye-catching deer print, featured above, by azstar78, which is 18 x 14" in a signed & numbered edition of 100 for $20. and another one of my favorites is the owl print, below, by marci washington. this print is 8 x 5" and is signed, numbered and printed in an edition of 100. and for an easy $15 you could take this simple unicorn whale print by michelle blade {7 x 4", silkscreened, edition of 50}, at bottom of this post, and pair it up with other small pieces that you might have on hand. it's a nice print at a nice price! so have fun checking out little paper planes entire selection of lovely art right here. something for everyone!

art prostitute

what up art prostitute store? this gallery, out of texas is not only putting out a great magazine of its own {that comes with prints!} but it also has a super online shop with lots of artistic goodies to check out. featured in this post are a cody hudson & evan hecox print {14-3/4 x 20", letterpress-printed, edition of 100, signed, $80} above. and also, below, one of the jay ryan prints that is offered on the site entitled frontside smith grind {24 x12", silkscreened, signed, edition of 300, $30}. see it all here in the shop.

papa stour prints

the first time i visited papa stour {found through grace right here}, i fell in love with every single bit & bob on the site. i could gush about it for paragraphs but i'll spare you. here i just wanted to call out a little of the art that they feature on the site which falls under our category of affordable and wonderful. there are some very fun pieces by kate george which you can see right here. the spotty giraffe boxart print {above} is so bright & fantastic. and the plant studies prints {below} by catherine chalmers are also very enchanting. you might have to pay a bit more for shipping but to own one of these very original pieces ... it might be worth the effort.

p.s. i don't wear earrings but goodness me are these stunning!!!

patent pending

the rock posters just keep on coming {my bookmarks must be 30-deep in this department}; hope you're having fun checking them out! patent pending, out of seattle, has a really large selection of silkscreened posters on their website right here. prices & sizes vary so have fun digging around in these great designs ... enjoy the gallery here.

kitty genius / ashley g.

another etsy favorite is the talented ashley g. out of st louis. regarding her work she says that the characters i create, whether monsters or little girls, are simple, humorous, empathetic, and a little bit pathetic. she sells all of her prints for $20 and occasionally puts original art into her shop. i really dig it all and think it's work bookmarking under ART! featured in this post are a print entitled li'l' bandits {above} and an original painting entitled us, {below}. i have li'l' bandits myself and the bright yellow and black are just fantastic in person. see ashley g.'s entire selection right here.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

athenaeum press

athenaeum press, out of salt lake city, is offering some really interesting limited edition letterpress-printed pieces all coming out of their Urban Typography Project. all prints are signed and numbered and the two i have featured in this post {SAF and R} are priced at $75. take a peek at all of their very nice letterpress work for sale right here.

hable construction

i was excited to see recently that hable construction was now offering stretched canvases of their fantastic fabrics as a web exclusive. they offer 3 sizes: 10 x 10" = $45 / 10 x 20" = $85 / 30 x 30" = $105. i think the largest size is such a great deal if you have $100 and a space where you need something bold but can't quite commit to artwork. check out their fabric choices online here.


pushmepullyou is a wonderful design studio run by eleanor grosch out of philadelphia. i really dig the simplicity of the designs she offers as art prints, all sold in limited edition for $20, and especially my favorites the giraffe, doves & owl prints {featured in this post}. you should also take a look at her rock posters {michelle malone poster featured below}, all selling for $20 each, right here.


etsy is such a great place to find handmade goods. i stumbled upon the drinkabutter shop and was charmed by these small original oil paintings done in a sort of striped down modern folk style. they are each one-of-a-kind, painted on canvas board and signed on the back. my favorites were ginko leaf {8 x 10" / $35} and maple key {8 x 10" / $60} as featured in this post. check them all out right here.

Monday, September 25, 2006

my little underground

christopher david ryan, a graphic artist out of brooklyn, has just opened a new online shop, my little underground, where he sells his gorgeous designs as prints ... i think i am going to have to take a moment to gush over this ... it really makes my heart beat!

leafy mysteries
{pictured above} is a series of 15 designs and the biggest question i have is ... which ones will you choose? i can see hanging at least 3 in a row over a couch or a bed OR maybe using 7 to 9 and hanging them along a long hallway. i can also see a few of them in a grouping with some natural elements around like pressed leaves or bowls of rocks. either way they are seriously stunning and the colors ... love! leafy mysteries, inspired by paul weller's song of the same name, are 11 x 17" digital prints on matte paper and cost $20 each. check them out right here.

a simple observation of the harmony between the Earth and the sea of stars in which it floats. CDR also offers his dreamy harmonies prints {no. 7 pictured above}, 7 different designs in all, in 12 x 12" digital prints on matte paper for $15 each. i was thinking 4 or 6 would be great framed as squares making up a square on the wall and hanging above your turntables. or for just over $100 you can take all 7 designs now and keep them tucked away for holiday gift-giving. take a closer look at the harmonies prints here.

a Brooklyn brownstone stripped down to a single feature and then repeated, creating it's own rhythm... becoming something to look at rather than just look through. the largest pieces that CDR offers are his windows prints no. 1 & no. 2 {pictured above}. these two beautiful designs are printed on matte paper and are sized at 18 x 24". i can see centering windows no. 1 and flanking it on either side with windows no. 2 {as i did in this post}. what a statement and what truly unique art! you can check out these, and even more of his charming work, at my little underground. enjoy!

penelope dullaghan poster

i started my crush on penelope dullaghan's beautiful illustration work a few years ago now. i always enjoy her prints and currently she has one to offer in her shop. the birds on a wire poster is an 11 x 17" signed digital print for $35 {includes shipping}. i think the subtle blue and black combo would warm up any room. check it out right here.

cricket press art prints

Cricket Press is a tiny little operation geared towards designing and hand printing silk-screened posters for music events, art shows, propaganda, and basically anything you'd want to make a poster for. We especially love doing gig posters for punk, indie-rock, jazz and improvised music events. Reason being, this is just the music we love, and the people we love to work with.

i really like how cricket press describes themselves {quoted above} on their website; simple & honest. and digging into their site, this heart girl print, by sara turner {one half of cricket press} really caught my eye. the silkscreened heart girl art print is 14 x 23" and costs $25. but that is not all they have to offer ... check out all of their art prints right here and all of their posters here.


i think i could build an entire kids room around this charming susie ghahremani tugboat print. the print is on eggshell-finished archival paper and measures 7-1/2 x 5" {cost = $25}. boygirlparty is the website that houses the work of ghahremani and she has many sweet items in her shop. i also like the idea of tacking up or framing her witty postcard sets or brightly designed cards.

the decoder ring

hi all. happy monday! more silkscreened poster love today ... check out the decoder ring's selection of really nice posters for sale right here. out of austin, the decoder ring has done work for bands like modest mouse, wilco and spoon {prints featured in this post are linked by clicking on the band name}. enjoy their posters shop {most posters: $25} online by clicking here.

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