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Thursday, September 07, 2006

sarah's workroom


1. what is your occupation

artist + designer. i make art + everyday objects for sale online, almost exclusively, through my own shop, the small object. however, a portion of my work week is also spent with my 4 year old niece + nephew.

2. explain the background/story behind three of the items in your photo.

the sewing desk was purchased a local antique mall for $20 which being deemed an "antique" mall was a great deal so i snatched it up.
the lamp was from a thrift store that has since closed down. the red arms of a chair you see is an old metal desk chair that i have painted + reupholstered three times in the past five years. it's a favorite of my cat, chloe who also doesn't like to get her nails trimmed. (hence the frequent need to re-upholster this item.)

3. what are three of your favorite places for finding things for your home?

old mill antique mall in columbia, SC
at home in savannah, GA

craft shows like the renegade craft fair in brooklyn + chicago, bust did a great show this past december in brooklyn at the warsaw called the bust craftacular, even smaller local craft shows like the mutation craft fair in savannah GA (which happens again in early October)

4. what are three things on your wish list?

a storage cubby system that holds at least 25 pull-out trays (like you see in kindergarten classrooms)

a drawing by maxwell loren holyoke-hirsch

a potholder rug

(left: sarah, right: drawing by maxwell loren holyoke-hirsch)


Anonymous jess said...

yes!!! @ home is my favorite store in savannah. It's impossible to go there and not buy anything.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous camilla@camillaengman.com said...

Sarah is certainly a muse!
I love the things she makes.

2:35 AM  

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