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Monday, September 04, 2006

welcome to the d*s guest blog!

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i've always wanted to have a place on d*s where i could invite my favorite designers, writers and artists to share their thoughts. so i figured, why not start a guest blog where a rotating group of my favorite design personalities could share their unique voice and great design finds with a new audience? so, every 2 weeks you'll be introduced to a new guest blogger who'll share their voice with us here on d*s. we're kicking things off with lena corwin- one of my favorite brooklyn-based designers. i've always admired lena's personal style and fantastic finds at the lena corwin blog, so i'm thrilled to see what she'll post on the d*s guest blog for the next two weeks. stay tuned, we head north for a new guest blogger in two weeks. enjoy! [thanks to lena for agreeing to get us started on the guest blog!]

[eventually this section will be redesigned to incorporate more personalized elements from each writer, but for now we'll test out the beta version and see how things go. a big thanks to unbeige for the kind words]


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