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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

spring fabric

it's a few days into new york fashion week, and taking a look specifically at the textiles, the overall trend is soft, natural tones. the color palette is every shade of brown, taupe, off-white, and stone. very few spring-y florals, instead most of the prints are more abstract-- waves, zig-zags, leaves, and amoeba shapes (plus stripes and plaids). splashes of color include lots of yellow and pinks. i think this trend for natural fibers and colors is in line with the eco trend in home design.

(all photos from style.com)


Anonymous Ulla said...

OH THIS IS FABULOUS LENA! I am loving seeing all these wonderful posts on studio spaces and such, it still has your magical 'eye'. What a great idea!

5:19 PM  

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