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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Grace has been true to her name these past two weeks. I thank her for sharing her site with me, and for the opportunity to share my enthusiasm with you. Thanks to all who commented.

[Colors of the Mediterranean polaroid by Etsy seller birdsandswings available here for $10]

Friday, February 23, 2007

a bowlful of cherries

Once again, it's a pleasure to bring you some of the Etsy sellers whose work has enchanted me. Enjoy.

[Polaroid of "Paolo's Love Letter (Upon My Return) is available here for $8.]

Thursday, February 22, 2007

ES designs

Elizabeth Scott sells the loveliest jewelry inspired by nature in her Etsy shop. Her ginkgo earrings ($39) are delicate and detailed.

This petal ring ($28) looks fragile, when in fact it's quite sturdy.

stupendous stationery

JulieMarie is an excellent seamstress as well as a freshly minted Etsy seller. Her leafy card set ($10 for 6) gives me hope that spring is near.

Speaking of bold, punchy design, check out these Vespa notecards ($9 for 6).

I'm not the first to say it, but Boiled Art Editions is another seller to watch.

Claire Milne

Would it surprise you to learn that Etsy seller Claire Milne's favorite authors include Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Henry James? It shouldn't once you've seen her artwork. She's a children's book illustrator whose work is old-fashioned in the most charming way.

In a print of her original watercolor, she imagines Thumbelina ($3).

This lovely, sepia-toned postcard ($3) has hand-trimmed edges.


After admiring for this print and seeing it sell out, I've been waiting patiently for seedpod to add to her Etsy shop. It finally happened.

"Reach," ($18) a gocco print, contains three sewn-on stones.

porridge papers

The artisans behind Porridge Papers make their own paper and design their own stationery, like this elegant note card ($3.75).

The deckled edge of this card cleverly echoes the palm fronds.

variety pack

Today's posts are a grab bag of jewelry, art, and paper goods. This variety is what draws me to Etsy again and again.

Tips: If you're fond of a particular design motif (as I was to woodlands, below), try using it as a keyword. You can also use the Time Machine 2, at left on the Etsy home page to view recently-sold items.

[Above photo is by Photobird and is available here for $20.]

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

clever collage

Etsy is teeming with collage artists. Two skilled practitioners are scrapatorium and Birdnerd. Artandghosts's work is otherworldly, spooky.

Collage artist lowclouds used a variety of media, including vintage paper and gouache, to create "Well I Must"($40).

Although it's priced in the triple digits, French illustrator Julien Pacaud's "Memories of Tomorrow" ($150) is so striking that I couldn't leave it out. You owe it to yourself to see more of his work.

"Birds and Berries" ($15), by Christina Lyon, is a mixed-media collage and ink drawing.

pearl & marmalade

Grace has written about Chicago-based pearl & marmalade before, but I'm rather smitten with some of their latest designs.

The yellow of their honeybee note set is just what I'm longing for as winter drags on.

A delicate hot-air ballon graces this card.

And speaking of hot-air balloons, grab hold of this handpainted moleskin notebook before it floats away.

into the woods

This charm, by PixiePrincess, was handcast from a pinecone found in the forest.

Etsy seller Odkins loves woodland motifs, including deer and toadstools. This embroidered pouch is made of nubby cotton and hemp.

honeybee jewelry

Honeybee’s work is intimate, rich in texture, and evocative. Her oxidized sterling-silver willow ring holds the promise of spring.

Her helicopter necklace reminds me of childhood afternoons.

This delicate oyster necklace can be worn with pearl showing or hidden.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

splendid stationery

In honor of Grace's letterpress guide, let's take a look at Etsy papergoods.

Missellz1980 is a prospective CalArts student who makes handbags, paintings, and cards. I'm a fan of her atomic cards (above - $5 for 2) and her hearts cards ($5.50 for 2).

I see an awful lot of bird-themed cards on Etsy. These are crisp, not cutesy.

Reserve these hand-cut cards ($8 for 2) for someone who'll appreciate them.

Kelli McMahon is the artist behind Maydaystudio, a bookbindery and letterpress printer. This journal ($12) has gorgeous marbeled endpapers.

Goodygoody makes cards using letterpress and gocco. These gift tags ($3.50 for 4) are even lovelier in person.

Brooklyn-based FiskandFern make collages and cards. Below, their aquatic cards ($8 for 4).

Susie Ghahremani is an illustrator with an impressive resume and a swell Web site. Her moving announcements ($6 for 10) are charming.

Monday, February 19, 2007

the radiance of dailiness

I can't take credit for this phrase; it's from Don DeLillo's book White Noise. Today I'd like to showcase some handmade objects - coasters and ceramics - that are as useful as they are beautiful.

Sidney in Seattle re-purposes vintage scarves. Her glass-covered fabric coasters ($24 for 4) have soldered-aluminum edges.

Artist/carpenter/musician Scott's bold design gives cork coasters ($10 for 4) a facelift.

Tip: When you hit upon a seller whose work you fancy, click through their favorite items and favorite sellers - links can be found under the seller's profile.

Linen coasters ($4 for 2) are homey and practical. Seller Bykes will make you a set in the color of your choice.

Small ceramic bottle ($4.50) from DownstairsOriginals.

Tip: When you're looking for ceramics, try the keywords "hand thrown."

The charm of HB Pottery's blue cup ($14) lies in its imperfection.

Orlor's ceramic votive holder ($18) is appealingly craggy and crooked. And what shadows it will cast!

[Origami lotus ($4) at top is available here.]

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Art @ Etsy

Judging from the response to Mav's art guide, there's a strong demand for inexpensive original art. Happily, Etsy abounds in talented artists who sell their work for $50 or less (often much less).

Sue Beyer is an Australian artist making the transition between graphic design and fine art. "Pointless Worrying" ($20) is an impassioned statement in the form of a print.

Harry Stooshinoff sells small-format paintings - mostly landscapes - in his Etsy shop, Paintbox. His Canadian landscapes are full of factories, trout ponds, and even Quonset huts. Some of his paintings feel lonely to me, but not "Around the Turn" ($30).

"Zucchini" ($30) is a still life - a departure for the artist.

Mike Southern practices intaglio printmaking, a Renaissance technique that involves incising an image into copperplate. He sells prints through his Etsy shop and his Web site. The description of "Box Elder Bug" ($20) includes a comforting aside: "Nothing to worry about: they don't bite." Whew.

Altered Souls makes mixed-media collages. She uses color brilliantly in "Numbers" ($40).

Lara Cameron sells prints and jewelry in her Etsy shop, Kirinco. "Armchair Love" ($15) boldly mixes patterns.

NuitBlanche showcases the work of Caroline Gaedechens, an illustration student in Hamburg. "Swanprint" ($13) is a print of an illustrated collage.

Susan Graham makes wire sculptures she calls "three-dimensional sculptures," like these pigeons ($45 each).

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