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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Behold Art.

One of my favorite resources for inexpensive, yet wonderful and unique artwork is the online art gallery, The Beholder. San Francisco-based curator, creator Suzanne Shade is one of the most soft-spoken, artistic and lovely people you'd ever want to meet. She and I met just about a year ago working on a pro-bono photo exhibit project together and have been fast friends ever since. I completely admire Suzanne's efforts to share the work of various emerging artists on her site, her philosophy being to bring artists and collectors together online, outside the traditional gallery system. These are artists seeking to connect with a larger audience; and collectors seeking new artists. A natural connection.

The Beholder represents a wide range of reasonable priced mediums including photography, drawings and paintings, for first time collectors and those looking to make additions to their growing collections. If you're feeling trepidatious about putting your foot in the collectors' world, they offer seven day trial periods, a brilliant idea Suzanne had, so you can view the art in your surroundings and see how it feels at home.

California Home & Design magazine did a lovely write up on The Beholder back in November. In the article, I really related to how Suzanne described the intimidating feeling one can get from gallery owners on first-time art buying trips. It's this philosophy that inspired Suzanne to create The Beholder online gallery. A place to get your feet wet, learn more about your personal taste in art, and discover some great talent that may have not yet made it to gallery walls. And, all at affordable prices for first time collectors. She provides a fabulous online resource for us newbies to the art buying world.

To see more of The Beholder's new artists and get occasional updates, sign up for Suzanne's mailing list.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a great idea of Suzanne's. Also, I love all the works you've chosen for this post Victoria. Really enjoying your guest blog!

8:51 AM  
Blogger Amy Rice said...

I heart Jennifer Davis (last work shown)www.jenniferdavisart.com

9:16 PM  
Blogger Meighan Morrison said...

Thank you for tuning me onto Suzanne's Beholden. What a great site/idea/person! I'm starving and struggling, and trying to be an emerging artist and plan to submit my work to her - fingers crossed....



1:29 PM  

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