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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Bargain Books - Part One.

Okay, so the series of books I'm going share this week aren't really bargain books per se, but rather books that show you how to bargain some good design ideas. The first book I want to share is Amy & David Butler's Found Style, Vintage Ideas for Modern Living.

I think there's a lot of good inspiration here and a lot of useful suggestions for 'found stuff'. I quite like this design manifesto - turning something mundane into something unexpected. And I also like the green, recycling aspect of this idea. An old shoe rack turned into sewing kit. A medical table gets a new life as receptacle for bathroom accessories. A vintage dress form serves as a spot to hang and display your favorite bags (I have one of these and love it!).

David and Amy Butler have exquisite (and really fun) taste and a unique approach to creating spaces that are undeniably stylish. They also do a great job of educating us in flea market savvy, and blending vintage and modern with unexpected panache without being too fussy or cluttered. There's also a sense of humor, or of not taking oneself too seriously here that I like.

Found Style is the perfect guide to creating an eclectic personal style, and with over 200 color photos, there's something here for every taste. Some of it may look a bit shabby chic, but I think if you put your own spin on found objects it'll work for you, no matter what your style.

I am a big fan of the found object, as you are probably finding out. Here's a few of my latest finds: a bolt of vintage fabric from the flea market and a pink throw from a shop going out of business (1/2 off!); an old finial used as mantel decor next to some teak candlesticks; a vintage throw pillow; my faithful deer planter used as a mini book holder; vintage photo of a misbehaving child in an ornate, white frame; and some white Gerber Daisy's in my new birch bark vase from Small Stump. Now it's your turn for hunt and seek. Have fun!


Anonymous FleaSpeech said...

Thanks for the heads-up about this great-looking book! Gave you a major hat-tip over at FleaSpeech.com. :)


6:33 AM  
Blogger LeeAnn said...

I am going to have to repurpose some of my white milk glass vases as book ends. So simple! I'll have to take a trip to the local sandbox and fill some plastic baggies for added weight and stability.

7:26 AM  
Blogger ANDY said...

Not to be a stick-in-the-mud, but aren't there some copyright issues with posting images from this (or any) book?

8:30 AM  
Anonymous becky said...

Victoria, that picture of your family on the car is precious (I don't mean "precious" in the phony southern "bless her heart" way, but in the true way)! What a fantastic shot - it's the kind of thing I'd buy in a gallery, not even knowing who the heck you guys were!


8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not if you scan them in like she did...

9:11 AM  
Anonymous angelune said...

I also love "flea market style" by Emily Chalmers, and "Thrift : How to Have a Stylish Home Without Breaking the Bank" by Bridget Bodoano.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Lainy said...

If you are looking to buy beautiful design books, be sure to check out the "Used & New" links on the book product pages. Often, I will find amazing deals on design books that are usually $50+ from sellers who are clearing out remainder books for only $10 or so. My design library at home is now bursting and I have saved a ton of money.

I hope this helps...

2:42 PM  
Blogger raya said...

I am obsessed with this book! I look at it at least once a week : )

4:35 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...


thanks for your concern- if i hear from anyone at the publisher or from the specific books mentioned i'll be sure to deal with any issues accordingly.


8:06 PM  

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