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Monday, March 19, 2007

mum balls - instructions

As promised, here are some more specific details about producing the mum balls featured last week. This link also includes some other DIT projects, so check that out if you're looking for ideas.

I'll be back later today with updates on decorations and flowers. And I've decided to extend that section to tomorrow morning, returning to eco-friendly wedding choices tomorrow afternoon.

You'll need:

Floral Foam (the green stuff)
Mums (any color you like)
Floral Pins
Army Knife

- Use your knife to carve the floral foam into 1" - 2" spheres

- Snip off the heads of your mums

- Soak your foam spheres in water one at a time just before you are
ready to assemble each (the foam retains some of the water and will
keep your mums looking fresh)

- begin attaching the mum heads to the foam sphere with your floral
pins. Continue until you have covered all of the green foam with
mums. Now you have a mum ball! Proceed to the next.

Thanks to Maggie at Stems Floral Shop in Red Hook, New York for the instructions.


Anonymous bah said...

Thanks for these instructions, moontree.

I'm all for DIY, but you can buy floral foam in spheres to save yourself from hacking up blocks of the stuff (it shreds all over the place).


1:20 PM  

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