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Friday, March 23, 2007

more handmade gifts

And continuing the crafty gifts theme, this afternoon's last post starts off with Karen who wrote in about Judy Lee's bookbinding tutorial for making a photo journal on her blog five and a half. Judy's lesson includes loads of pictures and very clear instructions. (So glad to find Judy's great blog!) Karen writes:

"Using a photo of the couple, a sentimental place, or something from the wedding theme would be a great handmade gift; if the wedding is small the bride can even make little notebooks as her wedding favors."

And speaking of photos, here is some beautiful collage work by German artist Sandra Muller posted on her blog. Sandra's work has an heirloom feeling, with all of these pretty vintage family photos. She also has an esty shop if you'd like to collect some collage materials for projects or just inspiration.

And Heather Samples sent in some great photos and links. When she got married in her home state of West Virginia last spring, she received loads of handmade gifts from her loved ones. Heather writes:

"West Virginia has long been the stateside capital of glassmaking. Blenko still handblows their iconic water jug (in continual production since 1938) thirty miles from my hometown.

Although the older generation of quilters is dying out, there are still breathtaking hand-stitched quilts to be had, made on the old stretchers by women who've been doing it all their lives. This one came from a cooperative of elderly home quilters called Cabin Creek Quilts. Cabin Creek announced this month that they can no longer afford to stay in business, but you can find other pieces at www.mountainmade.com

Allegheny Treenware is the best place to find handmade wooden utensils and kitchenwares.

Finally, the bar cutting board was made by woodworker Brenda Good. More of her work (along with that of lots of other West Virginia artisans, including potters, more quilters and glassworkers) can be found at www.tamarackwv.com" Thanks for these great resources, Heather!

And finally today, there are so many talented quilters selling their goods on etsy, including a personal favorite Little Quilts. You can check out etsy's entire roster of quilters, which is - happily - expanding on a daily basis. :)


Anonymous amy@remakeables.com said...

I love that piece by Little Quilt -- lovely! The detail is amazing too.

10:17 AM  
Blogger candis hecking said...

I love these quilts. I'm dying to learn how to quilt like that.

12:10 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

wow, thanks a lot for the support :) sunshine, sandra

12:09 PM  

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