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Thursday, March 22, 2007

handmade gifts revisited

Wow, these two weeks flew by. Today is my last day of blogging for the handmade wedding theme, and we'll be wrapping up with a great day of handmade gift ideas.

When Tony Visco and his fiance were planning their wedding, they couldn't find china pattern they liked. So instead they asked artist Yuki Murata of moderngoods to create a special registry of her unique designs for them. This idea allowed them to support an independent artist and get the tableware that suited them perfectly.

I really admire the work Jenni Hopkins, who specializes in painted and embroidered monogram pieces. It's such a perfect wedding gift, but special on any occasion.

These wooden bowls are produced by designer and craftsman Jim Doan. He handcrafts these original pieces in his Chicago studio and each is individually numbered to remind you they are truly one-of-a-kind.

And how wonderful is this line of customized dinnerware featuring the front door and family name of the bride and groom? Artist Jessica Rust can personalize any item on her site.

Katie Covington of k.talis jewelry submitted these beautiful examples of her custom wedding jewelry, that can be highly personalized:

"I use vintage and reclaimed pieces in my line of jewelry that would fit in nicely with a handmade or green wedding. Antique chandelier drops, vintage metal charms and keys are all paired with precious metals. Another idea for wedding jewelry is to make or commission a piece made that incorporates something special to the couple: stones found on the beach, initials of the bride and groom, an important image or motif. To remember family that has passed away I've created jewelry using buttons from a father's Naval uniform. Jewelry is a great to personalize a wedding and keep the people you love close to you during your big day. Almost anything can be made into jewelry with a little DIY know how."

Cindy Johnson wrote in about the R. Wood Ceramics Studio, which features a number of talented artists' work and even has a wedding registry!

And another reader recommended Miranda Thomas Pottery for great prices and exquisite handmade work.

I'll be posting some quilts later today, but I think these wedding samplers by Luci Summers are really lovely on a much smaller scale.

More gifts later, of a more crafty variety!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a terrific series of articles, some magazine should publish it. Thanks for all the great ideas!

8:10 AM  

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