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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

green weddings - week two

This afternoon we're following up on last week's topic of environmentally responsible weddings. Kara over at Treehugger has contributed a great article, full of useful tips and resources. Treehugger is a fantastic blog on all things "green", so check back with them regularly for environmental news and info well beyond the topic we're covering here today. I'll be back this afternoon with a few more readers' ideas. But now I give you Kara:

"We are seeing 'green weddings' becoming more and more popular as each year passes. Even the New York Times reported that couples are taking a new look at traditional weddings and seeing green. And with that comes many more options and tips to help eco-friendly couples reduce their carbon footprint on the big day.

This past January, we saw the launch of Portovert Magazine, the only magazine dedicated to eco-chic ideas for engagement parties, bridal showers and weddings. It’s the paperless equivalent to Elegant Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings and InStyle Weddings. In February, Portovert launched the first U.S. wedding carbon calculator in partnership with Native Energy. By visiting the Native Energy’s website, visitors can easily calculate the carbon emissions produced by the principal wedding-related carbon sources: guest travel, lodging, and venue power and heat. For as little as $12 per ton of carbon offsets, brides and grooms can make a quick, easy investment in renewable energy by choosing one of three options: helping build new wind power projects, new family farm methane energy projects, or a combination of both

When it comes to planning a wedding, we like Organic Weddings, Ethical Weddings and Green Elegance Weddings. These three websites offer tips for couples looking to throw an eco-friendly wedding. Organic Weddings offers advice on catering, organic wine and beer, ceremony atmosphere notions and even music suggestions. And with the average wedding costing $25,000 today, Green Elegance Weddings makes it easier for couples to find the resources they need to direct more of their dollars towards green products and services.

We’ve written about some of the details on TreeHugger as well, including ethically made wedding dresses like Wholly Jo’s or, if you’re looking for a more sexy style, Faernyn’s Grove. And since you’ll only be wearing the dress once, you can try a
paper dress although it may be a bit far-fetched. Forego the confetti and rice and use flower petals as a beautiful yet sustainable alternative. And check out GreenKarat for ethical wedding rings. They offer a voluntary carbon offset tax, which allows you to buy credits toward neutralizing carbon emissions associated with the energy usage of mining and making jewelry. Look for invitations that are tree-free or recycled like the ones from Invite Site and when registering, look for an online store that offers eco-friendly options.

Lastly, instead of giving wedding favors consider making a donation to one of your favorite causes. With so much time and money spent and many of your closest family and friends joining you for your special day it’s a great time to make it count. After all, they have to listen to you on your day, right?"

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