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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

flowers finale

This morning we're finishing up flowers and decorations with lots of additions. Let's get right into it with this great submission from Kat from outside Philadelphia:

"My husband and I had a handmade, Italian garden theme with pop flourishes of a lemon, coral and magenta palette. It was a really strong combination of colors, so we were sure to combine them everywhere. A friend did the flowers - roses and
snapdragons from Costco; lanterns and ribbon hung in the garden."

Cathy Skraba creates these flower arrangement containers specifically designed to hang from chairs. Great idea, and a nice looking touch:

Speaking of flower arrangements for the aisle - Andrea Katz of Bend, Oregon had this gorgeous idea:

Laura Brunow Miner of Lawrence, Kansas hand-picked her lily bouquets and has some great tips for resources:

"I spent a week completely immersed in the concept: visiting florists, buying inexpensive flowers to experiment with arrangements, and scouring the internet.
In the end I decided upon the simple and modern Calla Lily for the bouquets. I chose four stems of stargazer lilies in a bell jar at each table for the table arrangements. The flowers came from growersbox.com and pacificcallas.com. The bell jars were very inexpensive and purchased at a grocery store."

Here is another beautiful homemade chuppah design sumitted by Robin Busch-Wheaton of Berkley, CA:

"My husband, Elliot, and I made our simple but bright chuppah using a piece of fabric from a thrift store and different lengths and widths of red and orange ribbons."

Sarah Drake of Chicago was on a budget when she assembled her flower arrangements. So simple and elegant:

"We spent about $200 at the farmers market and about $100 on vintage
medicine bottles for the reception centerpieces."

And finally a subtle and classic look from Trisha of black white bliss who simply had petals sprinkled down the aisle.

Thanks again to all the readers who wrote in. We'll move on to eco-friendly wedding ideas this afternoon, so check back later!


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