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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

rose & radish

Every month-and-a-half, Rose and Radish presents a new gallery format to showcase selected pieces unified by a theme. Their goal is to show you pieces of common and uncommon design in ways that allow you to look at them differently.

1 ~ what's your name, shop name, and shop location...
Cate Kellison
Rose and Radish
460 Gough Street San Francisco, CA 94102

2 ~ tell us about some of the objects in your display...
~ Pendant lighting from Nicolette Brunklaus/Netherlands.
~ Porcelain by Nymphenburg/Germany and designed by Ted Muelling and Hella Jongerious.
~ Plastic nodders and mushroom lighting from Germany.
~ Fabric mushrooms by Tamar Mogendorff/New York.
~ Wood cushions by Monacca/Japan.
~ Paper goods by Binth, Sesame Letterpress, Camilla Engman, etc.
~ Felt placemats and coasters by Daff/Germany.
~ Porcelain vases by Klein Reed/New York.

3 ~ describe the mood, what inspired you, or what you intended when creating/arranging these pieces...
We wanted a modern take on the popular woodland theme so, instead of the birch logs we were going to use originally, we ordered tons of cardboard core. The fabric was originally going to be woven among the tubes but that looked way too "loose", I like a more tailored style. So, I redid it; late into the night. I keep trying till it feels right; I'm pretty obsessive. We tried to get the "trees" in a forest pattern, with a lot of depth, but still close enough to one another to be stable.

4 ~ what are 3 objects/pieces sold in your store that you are dying to have or... you already have and love...
Clive and Sunshine animals, I'm obsessed. They are pieces of art to me, almost like a contemporary Calder zoo animal (I was obsessed with the wire zoo in the NY MOMA as a child). Sadly, she has decided not to make more so they have become few and far between in these parts. I took a Nymphenburg rabbit home and he lived on my mantle for a time, I miss him but he's found a great customer's home now. I'm also in love with Camilla Engman's work; I really want an original drawing someday.

5 ~ list three things that provide you with inspiration...
Travel, design magazines and blogs (it's so cool to see what other folks are making!!!!) and just getting things to look good. (Of course "good" means different things to different people, and even different things in different moments. Some days I think everything looks terrible and then I'll rearrange and realize it was actually "good" before. I make myself crazy, but I guess I stay busy!)

an extra tidbit...
For those of you who are not close to the shop in San Francisco, you can admire their gorgeous galleries from afar.


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