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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

relish at home

Kelly from Relish at Home really does it all. While running her retail shop {and upcoming online shop}, she also creates products for her own line, K. Autumn.

1 ~ what's your name, shop name, and shop location...
hello! my name is kelly sperbeck and i own relish at home in berkeley, california. the boutique is a small workshop, home to an 'out of the way shop' and a workspace for my creative projects. we're located in the 'activspace' artist complex in a very up-and-coming area of west berkeley known as the "wharehouse district." you will find us on the corner of pardee and seventh streets.
{address :: 2703 seventh street #112, berkeley, california 94710}

2 ~ tell us about some of the objects in your display...
the first display features the joanna mendicino collection. pictured are the large bird vase and the smaller versions. joanna started out here in activspace, and she is such an amazing artist. she is as graceful and warm as her work. i'm in awe of her ability to produce all of her own work especially as her demand grows.

the rose + sadie pins are a fun collection. the girls have a terrific whimsical sensibility about their company. they make everything by hand in san francisco. i love receiving a new batch from them as we'll get everything from pigeons and toast to robots and cupcakes! everything is housed in a 1960's glass cabinet hutch that came from my childhood bedroom in northern california.

the second display features seattle, washington designer tanya monique. tanya designs a very special enamal and sterling animal collection. the fawn and the canaries are suspended from a manzanita tree and a cut tree stump found on a street corner in oakland. our resident burrow owl is from roost, and he reminds me so much of bubo the owl from clash of the titans - only made of wood!

3 ~ describe the mood, what inspired you, or what you intended when creating/arranging these pieces...
i've gotten used to working and living in small spaces. the shop is only 200 square feet and i try to
use the space creatively. i always start with what's close to me. the second display is interesting in the sense that i've tried to build a shadowbox out of mis-matched armoire drawers and lined them with cork. it is part of a series of three. i'm resourceful by nature and i tend to merchandise with found objects, antiques, apple crates, or anything i can bring new life to. i really try to feature all of our collections in an interesting vignette. i'm completely inspired by color and texture. urban ore salvage yard is just blocks from the shop, and there are a variety of flea markets spread throughout the east bay. i am never happier getting lost in them!

4 ~ what are 3 objects/pieces sold in your store that you are dying to have or... you already have and love...
oh dear. i have such a long IOU list to relish! well let's see, right now i really love helen ige's mobiles. the "owl" and the "birds of a feather mobiles" are my favorite. i will probably splurge on a pair of joy 'o designs hammered rose gold leaf earrings which are stunning! and every morning i start my day by looking at jill + saelee's delicious farm life calendar. that is still one of my favorites of 2006.

5 ~ list three things that provide you with inspiration...
~ living in the bay area and specifically north berkeley. i know this sounds so cliche', but there is so much diversity and opportunity here. the trees, the food culture and the variety of architecture is so fun and inspiring to be around every day - not to mention people watching!

~ the home collections of the 1960's. i love the simplicity and the colors, furniture and textile designers of that era. vera, girard, lindberg, marimekko, the list goes on and the mere thought of it all makes me shiver!

~ lastly, they are the designers have become a part of relish. their work inspires me every day to do the best i can, to keep evolving, and they remind me of why i'm here.

an extra tidbit...
The relish online shop will be launching soon...stay tuned!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite question of this series is the "what are you dying to own or already have". I love to read the answers.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous meg said...

oh i miss activspace! well, just going downstairs and hanging in the relish shop. nice work on the interview!

3:47 PM  
Anonymous lisa said...

i basically can't leave that store without buying something. kelly really has a great eye. great interview!

9:48 AM  
Anonymous amelia said...

awesome shop!! a real gem in the rough ... a MUST visit for anyone who wants to feel inspired.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous jane said...

I really like this series, it's been fun to discover new shops from all over!

6:08 AM  

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