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Friday, November 24, 2006

Thorsten van Elten

I saw his stand at Super Studio Piu` in Milan this Spring and didn't realize until much later that Thorsten van Elten was actually a real person, and an extremely nice one at that! He's another one of my favorites, and I couldn't do two weeks worth of interviews in the design field without calling upon Thorsten van Elten, someone who is behind designers, but not a designer himself. His story is simple: After working for so long in design, he became frustrated at the amount of design talent he saw out there but the lack of manufacturing facilities. He put together a team of a few young-London based designers and went to work. His first fair was 100% design in 2002. In 2004, he opened his own shop in London where he sells the Thorsten van Elten brand including lighting, furniture, home accessories, and clothing and other products for which he is distributor. Look for TVE in Milan in the Spring! (Photo of Thorsten by Jefferson Smith)


A snapshot of your favorite artwork.


1972 Munich Olympic Games Poster

If you could do it all over again, the one thing you wouldn't change about Thorsten van Elten.
I don’t think I would want to change anything at all. But I definitely wouldn’t have wanted my parents to give me a different name!!

The best business advice you've been given.
Ha ha, like I would ever listen to anyone else!

As a mentor, the most important concept you'd want a mentee to take away from your relationship.
It’s important not take ourselves too seriously and to be able to hold a conversation about other things than just Design.

In a design studio money invested in a good coffee machine and some good coffee is always well spent!!

Visit the Thorsten van Elten website to view the new 2006/7 catalogue.

From his portfolio:

Screwhead and dovetail tape by Sam Johnson and Richard Shed

screwhead_dovetail tape

Sweet Talker sugar shaker by Camila Prada


Pigeon Light by Ed Carpenter


USB Memory Stick by Guido Ooms


Plant Cup
by Gitta Gschwendtner


van Amburgh stackable stool or side table by Sam Johnson

van amburg


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