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Friday, November 17, 2006

Mucci in via Margutta (framers)

Relationships are the key to getting everything done in Italy. Usually to get in good graces with someone, like your framer, you have to be introduced, as I was by an artist whose painting I bought some years ago. Since then I have tried six or seven framers around Rome and have kept coming back to Mucci in via Margutta because they are the only ones who have never ruined anything of mine and because they are nice. (Even if I really did like one of my other framers, Fernando, who always carried a pistol in his back pocket since the time he was robbed in his shop).


Mucci, his last name, works with his son and daughter. I never knew Mucci's first name until yesterday, when one of the gallery owners neaby referred to him as Rino. For some reason, many artisans are referred to by their last names. My upholsterer's name is Bucci (Beppe is his first name), the people who brought my Noguchi coffee table from Milan are I Fratelli Montorfano di Cantu` (The Montorfano Brothers from Cantu...It seems that everyone from Cantu adds "di Cantu`" to their last name...), my decorator is Remigi (Alessandro), my furniture restorer is Guiffrida (don't know his first name).


For seven years, I have always just called and said,"Mucci!!" and he responded,"Yes?" and I said, "Kristina!" and without any further exchange of how do you dos, he would just tell me whether my stuff was ready or not, or if Stefano his son would call me back. Yesterday, I called and learned that the rest of my stuff was ready, but I came with public transportation, so I couldn't carry the big painting home... The one I really cared about though was a greeting card I received for my wedding, one of the few gifts we got (that's what happens when you elope). It is a nice little reproduction of an Andy Warhol painting of a Wedding Cake. Since it is just about the only thing we got, I decided to pull out all the stops and make it a grand affair. But maybe it's not grand enough...?? (The elaborate frame is meant to be a joke!)



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