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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Maarten Baas

I usually think it's a cop out when people say someone needs no introduction, but Maarten Baas really doesn't. Maarten went straight from student show to 'haute couture', and his pieces immediately became serious design investments, you know, the type you see in museums. This value was in part driven by Murray "Midas" Moss' 'Where there's Smoke" exhibit showing Maarten's Smoke Furniture (if I may permit myself to refer to Murray's extraordinary ability to spot talent and set trends in this way). One of the things I really like about Maarten is how candid he is, and I know I've said this before, but I also like that he's an iconoclast. Probably if his personality were different, he wouldn't be where he is today at just 28 years young and maybe ever! You should read the very well written piece from last week in the International Herald Tribune on Maarten and see his the Three Layer Cake interview to understand a little more why and get a small feel for Maarten the person and Maarten the designer.

Catch Maarten's Clay Furniture in a Museum near you: London Design Museum from 31 October to 11 December, shown by Murray Moss at Miami Beach Art Basel Fair from 7 December to 10 December. Maarten's work will also be on permanent exhibition in Rotterdam at Animaux from 17 December... (all photos by Maarten van Houten).


Sketch something you remember from your childhood.


If you could do it all over again, the one thing you wouldn't change.
The ability to make mistakes.

The best business advice you've been given.
I never listened to too much advice, and still I never recognize my way of working in any advice. I think that's because most advice is always inherent to a certain plan or goal to reach. In the business field I never had a real "goal".

As a mentor, the most important concept you'd want a mentee to take away from your relationship.
Among many other "truths", there's your "truth". That's the one to explore.

In a design studio and anywhere else, money invested in having a nice time is always well spent.

Maarten's Clay Furniture



Table and Chairs


Smoke Chaise Longue


More images to come...


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