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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The lovely ladies of Spira

I am very excited to introduce the lovely ladies at Spira textiles as my first interview. I know that the wonderful patterns of textile team Spira are not new to d*s readers, most recently they were mentioned by Frida during her guest blogging two weeks ago. But I’m hoping to take you behind the scenes to show you a bit more of the company and what their daily environment is like.

Spira’s fabrics almost tell the story of the company in a way, with bold patterns, strong colors, yet simple and typically Swedish in pattern and color combinations. It all speaks of joy, and joy is the main ingredient. When Spira was founded, Anna, Lena and Sussi set out to find three words as guidance for the company, the words that they decided on were; quality, style and joy. With joy truly being the inspiration, the positive spirit of these three women has become the driving force behind Spira.

This is three women living out their dream, creating a product experience that they themselves had been searching for. Their goal is not to be the biggest they tell me, “we want to be the best”.

But there’s one more piece of the puzzle, Linda Sjunneson, a freelance designer who has been there from the start. Linda is responsible for the majority of their patterns. It’s seems very obvious as a Swede to find nature as a primary source of inspiration and it’s clear that Linda draws a lot of inspiration form nature. Nature is always present in my design, says Linda, but she also draws from her own personal experiences and relationships. Some of the patterns that she created are dedicated to her Grandmother. She emphasizes how much it means to her that each pattern is personal, that nothing is mass produced.

Spira is a relatively young company, which has been getting a lot of attention in the past year. Most of that, of course, is attributed to the incredible spirit and energy of the company. But these women didn’t come from anywhere in the country, they grew up in Borås, the textile capital of Sweden and this is where Spira is located today. [There will be more on Borås as a textile capital and more inspiration from there.] So, Swedes have had their eyes on them for a while, but they are now starting to think about how they can reach customers in the US and other parts of the world. Hopefully, their fabrics will be available to us over here in the near future.

For now, contact Spira via e.mail to get more information; spira@spirainredning.se.


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