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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Louise Hederström

Ever wonder what some of the designers of IKEA’s products were like? Well, meet the lovely Louise Hederström, founder of the Charming Unit Design Studio in Malmö, Sweden, which designs for many other clients in addition to IKEA. Her designs are young and fun. I met Louise at Salone Satellite this year 2006. I walked past her stand, which was decorated in camouflage, and she looked so sad that I stopped to see if she was OK. She smiled and said that she wasn’t sad at all, just deep in thought and didn’t realize she looked so sad. Periodically during the fair, I’d pass by and say, “Looouuiiisseee are you smiling?” and she’d smile really big. Every so often, I get an email from her saying, “I’m smiling” and then one day, she sent me this as proof:


Birthplace: In a small village called Konga in the south of Sweden. I grew up on a farm.
Studies/year of graduation:
Graduation Beckmans College of Design 1995-1998
Lund School of Art and Design 1994-1995
Art History Lund University 1993-1995
Profession/how long you've been there: I have been working as a product designer since I graduated but with my own company since 2000
Left handed or Right handed: Right
Favorite dessert: Fresh fruit with vanilla ice cream.

Sketch something you remember from your childhood.


I grew up on a farm and we had a lot of animals and one of the best was our dog Anno, a Greater Swiss Mountain dog, a really good friend. I have really been thinking about this and animals live longer than objects in my heart and give me great inspiration.

Object/Icon you wish you had designed and why?
The Cap. I love caps because they protect you from rain, cold and sun and make me feel dressed. Not so fond of trucker caps though...

The aspect of your work you never tire of.
When you get that idea that you really love and believe in. Like: Aha! That feeling only lasts for a couple of seconds and after half an hour maybe that idea was not so good as I thought. Maybe good enough to continue working with and give some more ideas. The creative part of being a designer is very small so I often long for those moments when I can work with that part.

One color/pattern we’ll never see in your design portfolio.
I have to say that I like all colors, it depends on the coherence. And the same goes with patterns.

You’ll know you’ve made it when…
Hard to say, but maybe when Patricia Moroso phones me to ask for some help…!

From Louise's portfolio...

Grace Chandelier and Gladys Chandelier, respectively, for

Grace 75 chandelier


Wire Branch, produced for Maze Int.:


Frän shelf and shoerack, one of many products Louise has designed for IKEA.


Scatter outdoor bench, produced by Nola:



Anonymous karin said...

this is lovely Kristina, I'm so enjoying your interviews!

12:17 AM  
Anonymous Kristina said...

thanks k!

2:06 PM  

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