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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gudrun Gunnlaugsdottir + Studio Bility

I tried for geographic diversity in arranging interviews for the guestblog. I got as far as Australia in the South and here's Studio Bility from Iceland, altough they are definitely not new to design*sponge! (Unfortunately I missed Africa all together!)

I can't remember where I first saw Studio Bility's work...maybe in Cologne in January, but I really liked it. I was really mesmerized by the Rocking Beauty. The layered effect of the materials and shapes in the base really seemed like a very ncie terrarium. The detail in the work is amazing and seemingly delicate, but in reality quite sturdy.

Gudrun Gunnlaugsdottir and Jon Asgeir Hreinsson are the couple behind the Studio Bility label.

Just as I'm fascinated by her designs, I also like Gudrun's attitude toward life, like her recent decision on whether to purchase a car, or a Polder Sofa...Guess which won?


Name: Gudrun Gunnlaugsdottir
Birthplace: Iceland
Studies/year of graduation: 2005
Profession/how long you've been there: Long enough to know I am in the right place
Left handed or Right handed: Right
Favorite dessert: Skyr with freshly picked autumn blueberries

Sketch something you remember from your childhood.


I very often sketch in 3d, this is the sketch that I have on my office wall reminding me to never forget to play.

Object/Icon you wish you had designed and why?
The Polder sofa designed for Vitra by Hella Jongerius, Just bought it and it is hard to resist dwelling in it all day long…. ("we decided on the Polder instead of a new car...so we drive an old car and have a new sofa!")

The aspect of your work you never tire of?
Searching for the unexpected pleasure of a creative play.

One color/pattern we’ll never see in your design portfolio.
Deep purple!

You’ll know you’ve made it when…
You see someone copy your work like I saw at the 100% design at the redesign exhibition! It is great to see that your own design is such an inspiration…

From the Studiobility portfolio:

Rocking Beauty


Inner Beauty


Flower Chair


Flat Mac (from Flatpack Antiques line)


Visitors Center, Northern Iceland (opening April 2007)



Rouge Bunny Rouge cosmetics, shop interior and counter (Moscow, here; Warsaw, below)


rbr warsaw


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