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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Form & Design

Time for another fabulous Swedish textile designer, Ulrika Elofsson of Form & Design. Although Form & Design is a fairly young company, Ulrika's products have been getting a lot of attention! And she deserves all of it, her work is wonderful!

Can you tell us a little about Form & Design and how it all got started?

Form & Design is the result of a dream that I have had, to do something on my own. To start a company under which I could create products that people love. I had been thinking about it for years, and eventually the time came when it just felt right and I decided to take the chance. The first collection, which came out Spring 2005, consisted of printed dishrags with different motifs with matching kitchen towels. I was very fortunate and got some great response from my customers as well as some great press. The positive feedback gave me confidence to continue creating new collections. My collections change and expand all the time. I want my products to brighten the everyday routine.

It's clear that nature is an important source of inspiration to you in your work, what's your relationship to nature? and how does nature inspire you in your work?

My relationship to nature and nature as a source of inspiration; I love nature!!! Nature has always been a very powerful and important source of inspiration. Whether it is a walk in the rain, mushroom picking in the woods in the fall, horseback riding in deep snow on a crisp winter day or standing on a rock soaking up the sun, letting the wind tug on my hair. Because I grew up in a smaller town, I’ve always been able to stay close to nature, both forest and lakes were just around the corner from my house.

I think I probably feel most inspired when I am outside walking. I feel like my head clears, I relax and feel present which is everything I need in order for the inspiration to flow. Many things in nature inspire me, for example I can find forms that I can scale up or scale down to create different patterns. But many times, it’s not that I find a form or an object in nature directly, just being close to nature simply helps me feel calm and puts me in a state of mind where I feel creative.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the materials that you use, and why it is important to you to use natural materials?

I try to use natural materials in my products to the extent that I can. I think the natural materials have a more beautiful glow and better characteristics etc. Of course it depends on what you are looking for, but I still try to always strive for as much of a natural product as possible.

Thank you Ulrika!


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Pretty christmas patterns! :)

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