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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Borås Textile Capital of the world

I had mentioned that I would get back to you with some more inspiration from the Textile University in Borås [School of Textiles], but first I would like to share some history about why Borås is the textile capital of Sweden today. This is a story that I learned from the ladies at Spira who all grew up in Borås [Sweden] and that is where Spira is based today. Here is their story..

Borås has been a textile centre for a very long time. –Since about 1621 actually, Göran Andersson chimes in. Göran is the superintendent at the Borås Textile museum. He continues: – 1621 was the year our king Gustav II Adolf founded Borås and made it a textile city. Prior to that, all the bartering and trading was reserved for the burghers, everyone else was strictly forbidden to manufacture and sell their goods. But by founding a city, within which the manufacturing and selling of ones goods was permitted by law, the King had created a safe haven and thus boosted the commerce sky high. Subsequently, everyone in the textile business as well as those with a bourgeoning career in that or any handicraft, moved to Borås. ”


Blogger Carson said...

Thanks for the Boras School link Anna,
I'm thinking about a Masters in Textile..
options in Australia are a little limited.
How hard would it be to learn Swedish? LOL

4:37 PM  

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