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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Affordable Art - Public Service Announcements

I hope I don't draw fire for this, but sometimes I think that some of the best artwork you can find around is supplied by the city government! I took this "Operation Clean Forest" poster from a telephone pole in Camigliatello in the Sila mountains in Calabria ten years ago (it was the only one around and just put up with thumbtacks!!!). I kept it on my wall with thumbtacks, exactly as I found it, until I decided earlier this spring that it would be better to frame it. I have always wondered why the little porcupine didn't use his quills to speed up his work...

If you see a poster around that you like, try asking the local office responsible for the poster how you can get one... Or if it's just hanging there with thumbtacks, uh...



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