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Friday, October 06, 2006

Hem 2006 - Drömmarnas Paradis

Earlier today I went to see the interior decoration and design fair Hem 2006 in Gothenburg, which showcased new trends in furniture, textile, potted plants, wall paper, lighting and various home accents. Jimmy Schönning and Helena Sandberg presented a specially made exhibition called "Drömmarnas Paradis", consisting of three different bedrooms. Behold trendy colours, products and combinations in inspiring environments!

The bedroom "Andligt" featured a round bed from IKEA, a white room divider from the IKEA owned yet brittish interior design company Habitat and an edgy lamp from Flos.

The bedroom "Till Skogs" inspired by mother nature featured a bed from BoConcept, pillows and throws from Posh Living, chandeliers from Mio and furniture from R.O.O.M

The bedroom "Sagolikt" inspired by fairy tales like "Alice in Wonderland" showed this huge lamp from Luxo . So cool.

Photos: Frida Berglund


Anonymous Sophie said...

Wow! What a lamp... It's cool, but somehow kind of scary too, I think! I'd feel like I'd shrunk :O

1:16 PM  

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