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Friday, October 27, 2006

Glass from Denmark

There is a little discussion going on about Kuldeep Malhi's work at Graces mention of my post from yesterday. It's refreshing when objects invites the viewer to react in many different ways, don't you think? I believe we all have our own personal style and I like when that individual style and personal preference is encouraged, it just makes life so much more interesting!

This post is about subtle pieces of work. Above is Headwind by Micha Karlslund.

Lotte Thorsøe's Twig vases have been favourites of mine for a long time, they have a neverending pull on my heart! The Blue Puffin below is part of Lotte's more recent work.

Black Sub by Micha Karlslund. Imagine it with a sweet pea winding its way down that smooth profile.

Micha Karlslund and Lotte Thorsøe are both part of the exhibition New Glass from Denmark at the Traver Gallery, on show until October 31st.


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