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Monday, October 23, 2006

Avant-garde and primal

I could do with one of Adrienne Rogers' elongated cables (that's the piece above on the sofa) to keep me warm through the winter months ahead.

Critic Leslie Sherr writes about Roger's approach to knitting that it is:
"..at once avant-garde and primal. Her forms are intriguingly original, yet they stem from the timeless human urge to surround oneself with warmth, softness and comfort."
Avant-garde and primal - isn't that a fabulous combination?


Blogger Carson said...


Re: Adrienne Rogers knit work.

Thank you SO much for bringing this designer's work to my attention!

To me it's not so much avant-garde and primal, but rather Modernist.

Almost Meisian in its' "God is in the details" approach of pure, disciplined expression of material,scale and colour.

Truly wonderful.

5:10 AM  

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