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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


hi design*sponge readers! i'm excited to be contributing to the new guest blog. design*sponge was the first blog i started reading and is still the first one i check every morning, so i'm honored to be taking part in it.

i'll be focusing on textiles and pattern design, like i usually do with my own blog. i'll also be showing photos from the homes/workspaces of some of the creative people i know-- and asking them to answer a few questions about the things they use to decorate their spaces. additionally, i'm planning to cover the prints in the spring 07 new york fashion shows, which start this week. i think it's always interesting to look at which prints would translate well to home design.

to start, i'm going to show a photo from my own home, one of my favorite spots, and answer my own questions about my space.

1. what is your occupation?
textile designer and illustrator

2. explain the background/story behind three of the items in your photo.
this photo is of the top of the credenza in our living room. the wallpaper is "woods" from cole & sons, the painting by bernard buffet is from my grandmother, and the flat white piece is a porcelain (and wood grain stamped) serving tray by marcie mcgoldrick.

3. what are three of your favorite places for finding things for your home?
the garnet hill outlet store
in franconia, new hampshire
the salvation army in sonora, california

4. what are three things on your wish list?
a denyse schmidt prescott quilt

a swan doll by tamar mogendorff
a bddw slab coffee table

(shown below)

(looking over this post, i'm not sure if it represents my style in general, which is usually a lot more colorful. hmmm, that's interesting...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice job! And I love your wallpaper. I look forward to reading more.

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice interview! Do you think KK would be an interesting interview? Maybe not enough textile and pattern orientation.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:58 PM  

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