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Monday, September 25, 2006

cricket press art prints

Cricket Press is a tiny little operation geared towards designing and hand printing silk-screened posters for music events, art shows, propaganda, and basically anything you'd want to make a poster for. We especially love doing gig posters for punk, indie-rock, jazz and improvised music events. Reason being, this is just the music we love, and the people we love to work with.

i really like how cricket press describes themselves {quoted above} on their website; simple & honest. and digging into their site, this heart girl print, by sara turner {one half of cricket press} really caught my eye. the silkscreened heart girl art print is 14 x 23" and costs $25. but that is not all they have to offer ... check out all of their art prints right here and all of their posters here.


Blogger Galler|b said...

That's cool. We've been looking for some new art to feature. I think you may have just found it.

7:41 AM  

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